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SCADA System / DCS Systems Monitoring & Control Software

This is Softhard Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System. The system monitors the parameters of chillers, pumps , AHUs etc .i.e. those equipment connected to the above system & accordingly controls optimally for energy saving, equal run hours, optimum starting & stopping of chillers as per load variation etc. (Provided Motorized Operating Valve Or Solenoid Valves & its control is required for optimization.) Softhard is Manufacturer Supplier in Pune India


SSCADA Connectivity:

  • RS232
  • RS 485 / RS 422
  • Ethernet
  • Modem (Telephone)
  • GSM / GPRS

Machine status monitoring through e-mail:

Plant manager can be monitor Machine status (healthy / trip status as well as plant readings) using SCADA e-mail facility.

Plant Viewer

Live mimic of full plant i.e. all chillers, fans, AHUs, pumps, cooling towers, motorized valve etc, giving online Real Time data. Below figure shows the Plant View for 3 Chillers and their respected status on mimic.

Plant View of Recip Chiller Plant

Plant View of Recip Chiller Plant

Plant View of Vapour Abs Machine

Plant View of Vapour Abs Machine

Chiller Viewer

LIVE mimic of individual Chiller with

  • Chilled water inlet/outlet temp
  • Condenser water inlet /outlet temp
  • Suction, discharge, oil , net oil pressure
  • Saturated suction & saturated discharge temp
  • Compressor current & no of load/unload stages
  • Compressor operating hours & no of starts
  • On/off status of safeties, motors, compressor, motorized valves of chillers etc.

Following figure shows the details of chiller view as discuss above.

Chiller Viewer

Settings Of Various Parameters

Value of various parameters of Chiller can be View and Changed through the Setting Facility available in SSCADA.

Following figure show the Parameter Setting for Chiller

Settings Of Various Parameters

Only authorized user can change the settings of the parameter.

Trend Viewer

Real time trends can be view for various Analog Inputs and can be used to compare it with set value. Historical Trend can display for parameters by giving the From and To date and time.

Historical & Real time processing of data for convenient analysis using time based selection. This identifies discrepancies, energy consumption and load pattern on chiller based on compressor current.

Following figure shows the trend for analog input with it’s current value.

Trend Viewer


Operating schedule of Chiller for One year using seven days start and stop time and Holidays setting can be set from SSCADA.

Log Viewer:

Data logging for various analog inputs based on date and time are store in Microsoft Excel Sheet format. Data log interval is settable and can be changed as per need.
Data log file for data log is generated for each Chiller per month automatically.

Alarm Viewer:

Alarm logging for Chiller based on date and time can be store in Microsoft Excel Sheet format. The Trip state of alarm and Reset state of alarm can be logged in excel file with date and time.


Three level Password protection for unauthorized or unwanted access.
i.e. Process Level, Engineering Level and Management Level.

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