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Wide Range from 0.25A to 5000A
  • Man-Machine Interface through keyboard & display.
  • Extra-wide range (with single turn to reduce the inventory and maintenance.
  • In-built Single phase (in partial load well), Phase reversal, Unbalance & Overload, Earth fault, Lock rotor, Dry Run, Short circuit.
  • Pre-Alarm, Password, Inbuilt Star-delta Timer.
  • Digital Ammeter with auto scanner (settable scroll time).
  • Twenty point annunciation, more than mere Annunciation, it displays the faulty phase and value at which tripping has occurred.
  • Available as basic unit from 0.25 5A (up to 3 HP), 4-61A (40 HP with inbuilt CTs) & 40-500A (up to 300 HP), 250-2500A (up to 1500 HP) with single turn can be used for any current range by using external CTs.
  • Provides accurate overload protection by virtue of high release time accuracy.
  • Software Calibration facility. Simple to install with straight-through wiring.
  • Advance RS 485 serial communication port.
Auxiliary Supply 110V / 230 / 415VAC +/- 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 3VA
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 1 %
Trip Time Delay 2 sec to 3 sec +/- 0.05 sec (refer to the inverse time characteristic)
Output Contacts 1 co.
Output Contacts Rating Continues 5 Amp at 240V AC (R load)
Wire Conductor Size 1 sq. mm. with Fork type lugs.
Temperature Range 0C to 60 C
Humidity Up to 95 % R.H.
Enclosure ABS molded enclosure
Weight Approx. 825 gms.
Dimensions: Regular Model 92 X 92 mm. cut out size, 100 mm. depth, Bezel size 120 X 120 mm. (Door mounting) 85 X 105 mm. Plate Mounting details
Dimensions: Split Model C.T. UNIT:50 X 90 X 110 mm.
Display & keyboard DISPLAY UNIT: 18 X 71 X 30 mm.
Display Resolution 4 digits, 7 segments LED display & 4 keys.
Wide Range 0.1A for 0.25-5A/up to 3 HP, 0.2 for 4-61A up to Max. Set value. (Higher HP range available) (Optional high resolution available)
ANNUNCIATION 4 points to 20 points
Operation TEST function available, RESET key to reset the fault, PARA key for setting

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Motor & Power Manager

The new i.MWM is more compact, flexible and easily integrated into the overall Plant or Factory or Project. Complex and expensive Hardware & Software changes, integration are just not necessary.

In one device i.MWM you get intelligent higher level automation system with all integrated multi functions : Measurement, Protection, Monitoring, Control, Local Monitoring and Remote Monitoring. With i.MWM you save more space, save more time and important is you save more costs. However the best is yet to come : you get data to uncover all opportunities, detect abnormalities, avoid risks, track progress against goals and verify success.

It optimizes the use of Motor feeder, increases the plant and system availability and provides significant cost saving in planning, commissioning, operating and servicing.

The new i.MWM - HA can replace

  • Bimetal Overload Relay / Electronic Motor Protection Relay upto 5000 A
  • Star-Delta Timer with pause time
  •  5 conventional push buttons
  • 16 Indicator lights
  • 13 Fault Annunciator
  • Digital Ammeter
  • Ammeter selector switch
  • 3 Current Transformers (upto 65 A)
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • Voltmeter selector switch
  • Earth protection / short circuit protection relay
  • Energy Meter
  • Power Factor & Frequency meter
  • Harmonics Meter / Analyzer
  • Digital Input module of PLC–4 DI
  • Digital Output module of PLC–3 DO
  • Operating Hour Meter
  • Starting Counter
  • Trip Counter
  • Anti Recycle Timer

Multi Functions

  • µ-MMS with Graphic Touch Screen display
  • Multifunctional micro computerized motor protection, independent of higher level automation system EMS.
  • Built in MMI ( 16 X 2 ) LCD with keyboard.
  • Improve system Reliability and reduces downtime
  • Built in 7 I/Os  for local protection and interlock logic
  • Alarming or Event notifications for Event or Crisis management
  • Digital display of Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Harmonics, …. etc.
  • Built-in Current & Voltage measuring modules.
  • Various Timers – Star Delta Timer, Anti-recycle Timer, Pause Timer, Start delay Timer
  •  Various Counters – Start counter, Trip counter, …etc.
  • Operating Hours  - Motor running  hours
  • Integrated many items instead of expensive hardware wiring.
  • Protections : Voltage protections, Current Protections, Power Protections
  • Modular expansion available using expansion modules.
  • Expandable Digital inputs and Outputs
  • Expandable Temperature sensors / Analog module
  • Communication port RS 485 with MODBUS Protocol
  • Global Remote monitoring, SMS facility
  • Important is the system has been designed for mixed operations. This means  these devices can combined with other devices depending on the functional requirement and that without any additional cost.
  • Graphic parameterization & diagnostics Software
Man Machine Interface : The operator panel makes it all possible.

    MMI dimensions are 90 x 66 mm having 16 X 2 LCD with backlit and 4 keys operator console. The operator console can replace :

  • 5 conventional push buttons
  • 16 Indicator lights
  • 13 Fault Annunciator
  • Local display of Digital Ammeter
  • Local display of Digital Voltmeter
  • Local display of Energy Meter
  • Local display of Power Factor & Frequency meter
  • Local display of Harmonics Meter / Analyzer
  • Local display of Operating Hour
  • Local display of Starting Counter
  • Local display of Trip Counter

Digital Inputs and Outputs : The new i.MWM has 4 Digital Inputs externally supplied with 110 240 V AC/DC. Which are used for increased Protection, Safety & Operational Interlocks, Remote Start/Stop push button interface. 3 nos. potential free Digital Outputs are programmable such as Controlling, Selecting Pre-alarms and Trip alarms.

Analog Module : The new i.MWM has built-in 4 Current measuring function & 3 Voltage measuring function for protection and measurement of Power, Voltage and Current. i.MWM has 4 different current ranges modules : 0.25 to 5 A and 4 to 61 A which do not require external C.T. Also 40 to 500A and 250 to 2500A models are present with external C.T. selectable ratio.

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