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Power Saving, Monitoring and Optimization

A system which links machines to computer:

Upgrading existing oneís skills are vital in todayís rapidly changing world of networked business. In the field of Building Management System, vital information many a times lags in the way, it is being communicated. If this exchange of information is done properly, organizations could get an unexpected leverage towards achieving higher goals and better targets. The critical data if analyzed in a process with the means of effective systems like SCADA would highlight the setbacks in the presently adopted building control / process control mechanism and prompt the entrepreneurs to channels the resources as well as efforts in a direction, which symbolizes ease of operation, security, accuracy and higher productivity and power savings.

One such panacea is SSCADA:

This is Softhard Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System. The system monitors the Kwh of machines, pumps, compressors, valves, Fans,… etc .i.e. those equipments connected to the above system.


Plant Viewer:

Live mimic of full plant i.e. all machines, pumps, motorized valves, fans etc. giving online Real Time data.
Below figure shows the Plant View for Star-Delta Starters, kWh, MCCBs… etc. with their real time data and respected status on mimic.

Plant Viewer

Individual kWh Viewer:

For individual kWh Meter - Real Time Data of each analog input value can be monitor

  • Voltage – RY ph
  • Voltage – YB ph
  • Voltage – BR ph
  • Avg Voltage
  • Current - Rph
  • Current - Yph
  • Current - Bph
  • Avg Current
  • Pwr Factor
  • Line Freq
  • kVah
  • kWh

Following figure shows the analog input values of each kWh Meter.

Power Monitoring

Trend Viewer:

Real time trends can be view for various kWH parameters and can be used to compare it. Historical Trend can display for parameters by giving the From and To date and time.

Historical & Real time processing of data for convenient analysis using time based selection. This identifies discrepancies, energy consumption and load pattern on chiller based on compressor current

Following figure shows the trend for analog input with it’s current value.

Trend Viewer

Log Viewer:

Data logging for various analog inputs of kWH Meter based on date and time are store in Microsoft Excel Sheet format. Data log interval is settable and can be changed as per need.
Data log file for data log is generated for each device per month automatically.


Three level Password protection for unauthorized or unwanted access.
i.e. Process Level, Engineering Level and Management Level.

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