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Micro - Motor Management Software

The new i.MWM has additional powerful matching software µ-MMS (Micro – Motor Management Software). The system can be optimally used when these ergonomically designed tools are utilized. Being profitable in today’s market means controlling expenses. Greater utilization is therefore the order of the day. In order to achieve this, there must be more transparency in the actual utilization, the degree of efficiency and the losses. Also it is important to ensure safe, clean, reliable power, and meet expanding demand without raising production costs.

µ-MMS is the new parameterizing software running on PC or Touch Screen MMI. µ-MMS software is designed in extremely user friendly fashion. MMI can be installed either in the field or Panel or from a central location. All of the operating, service and diagnostics data are displayed. If a fault does occur, disturbances can be quickly localized and removed. Tools are available to uncover all opportunities, detect abnormalities, avoid risks, track progress.

Protective Functions
  • Phase Loss Current protection
  • Phase Loss Voltage protection
  • Phase Reverse Current protection
  • Phase Reverse Voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over Voltage protection
  • Underload protection
  • Under Voltage protection
  • Phase Voltage Unbalance protection
  • Phase Current Unbalance protection
  • Lock Rotor protection
  • Earth fault protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Winding Temperature Module-Optional
  • Operating hours monitoring
  • Number-of-starts monitoring
Expanded monitoring functions
  • Total Reactive Energy Accumulation ( KVArh )
  • Total Apparent Energy Accumulation ( KVAh )
Control Functions
  • Direct online starter
  • Star-delta starter
  • Star-delta timer (in built)
  • Starter for Star-star winding (part motor)
  • Starter for generator change over mechanism
  • Control output for Solenoid valve actuation
  • Control output for Positioner actuation
  • Control output for Soft starter actuation
Operating data
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Power monitoring
  • Current monitoring
  • Power Factor monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Harmonics monitoring
  • Total Active Energy Accumulation ( KWh )
  • Motor switching state (on, off)
  • Currents in phase 1, 2, 3
  • Voltages in phase 1, 2, 3
  • Active power
  • Apparent power
Service data
  • Motor operating hours
  • Number of motor starts
  • Number of trips …etc
Diagnostics data
  • Numerous detailed early-warning and fault messages
  • Check back faults (e.g. no current flowing in the main circuit after an On control command)

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Perform Achieve and Trade

BEE introduced PAT Scheme which came in to effect in year 2012 . Targets of Energy saving has to be Updated for next 3 years with savings plans. All companies are facing difficulties to submit Energy Saving Plan, WITHOUT Energy PATTERNs and DATA history. How to give the Energy Saving Plan?

Progressive companies can become the Achievers of PAT Scheme and can have double benefits, first benefit of energy saving / operational cost saving and second benefit of generating additional income by trading EScerts ( Energy Saving certificates ) through generating additional energy savings over and above target energy savings.

Laggards who FAIL to achieve target have to face huge energy losses and penalties for not achieving the target at the end of the three year Cycle.

  1. First Loss is due to the use of the excess energy
  2. Additional losses for BUYING the EScerts from the other companies which have met the targets.
  3. To pay penalty of Rs. 10,00,000=00, for not achieving the energy reduction targets at the end of cycle 1 i.e 31st March 2015
  4. To pay penalty of Rs. 10,000 per day, for each day from 31st March till achieving the energy reduction targets

Progressive companies are found aggressively pursuing energy efficiency opportunities and will NOT have the COST LIABILITIES in PAT Scheme. These companies will actually GAIN from selling the EScerts. Laggards obviously will face problems and pay penalty.

ASHRAE 90.1 standards

Advanced Metering Requirements - Benchmark the energy efficiency of your existing building and its systems to verify that new designs meet minimum energy performance reductions per ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

Optimize Energy Performance - Use our µ-EMS system to monitor all utilities and help yourself to decide when to switch to alternative sources of power, shed loads or net meter power, back to the utility. Utilities Management such as Pneumatic air and water efficiency, etc. has easy integration of data from various meters enables a µ-EMS system to measure and validate the results of conservation efforts.

Energy Protection - EPAct 2005 Compliance
  • Section 103 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates that real-time, advanced meters, sub-meters be installed in all federal buildings by 2012. In addition,
  • Section 102 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates an annual energy reduction of 2% per year 2006 thru 2015.
  • µ-EMS energy and power management system is a scalable, long-term solution that will help your federal government agency achieve compliance with section 103 of the EPAct now, while providing the foundation for sustained savings into the future, and identify the energy savings opportunities needed to comply with section 102.

    An intimate knowledge of the act, combined with our complete µ-EMS, ensures that your µ-EMS solution will fulfill the Department of Energy’s Federal Advanced Metering Guidance Document requirements.

Standard ISO 50001 (EN 16001) Compliance

Stipulates the logging of data and a sustainable improvement plan for industrial energy management in the future. Stricter legal requirements and increasing CO2 penalties and levies will further increase the pressure to be as environmentally sensitive as possible in manufacturing operations. All these challenges, however, also offer the opportunity not only to cut CO2 emissions, but also at the same time to reduce production costs through the optimized use of energy.

Green Building Council

Developed LEED ( Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design ) as nationally accepted benchmark for high performance Green Buildings.

The right products for the job

A µ-EMS solution can monitor and control an industrial plant or facility, a nationwide business or a global enterprise through networked intelligent energy meters with protection devices linked to µ-EMS software. Hardware can be selected to match to the exact requirements of the location being monitored.

Flexible communications connect to software that retrieves, aggregates, and processes meter, alarms and Motor / Feeders / circuit breaker data, records it and notifies operations staff of alarm conditions. Integrate data from existing building and process management systems so you can incorporate energy reliability initiatives, such as power quality monitoring, alarm event management and network asset management.

Remove guesswork and discover which initiatives offer the highest potential of improving energy reliability. Optimize your infrastructure and make the most efficient use of your power distribution system to meet production goals.


The central function is to process all energy-specific measured values at the field level. Special functions for active load, air, water and gas management help avoid expensive peak loads and optimize gas usage. Online trending and an attractive visualization system show current and forecasted energy flows. Departures from scheduled operation are recorded by an efficient alarm and fault management system. µ-EMS system can compare load characteristics at each level to confirm that operations are correct and equipment is operating properly. Abnormal events are detected quickly. Advanced visualization and reporting tools make the process easy, even for a minimal crew of operations staff. This will reduce effort, labor costs and verify system installation is in accordance with intended design. During normal operations, µ-EMS technology provides real-time status of your electrical distribution network.

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Solution for All Sector & Technologies

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries
  • Power Supply & Distribution
  • Water & waste water Treatment
  • Mechanical & plant Engineering
  • Plastic & Rubber industries
  • Paper manufacturing & processing, printing industries
  • Metal process & steel industries
  • Building control technology & Property management
Email facility
  • Alarm generated & reset
  • Shift Report – Customized or department wise
  • Data Log Report
  • Factory performance, Actual v/s design comparison
  • Graph of Factory performance, Actual v/s design comparison
SMS facility
  • Alarm generated & reset
  • Periodic (Settable Time) important monitoring parameter, Actual value send. E.g. KW, Temperature, Current, Voltage etc…
Alarm analysis
  • History with date / time & cause of trip
  • Cause wise sorting
  • Machine wise sorting
  • Date / Time wise sorting
Data analysis
  • Data log in tabular format
  • History with date / time
  • Shift Report
  • Periodic (Settable Time) Report facility
  • Date / Time wise sorting
Factory / Building Performance Evaluation Report
  • Production v/s IKW or TR v/s IKW
  • Continuously display of actual IKW/Production v/s design IKW/Production
  • Continuously display of actual IKW/TR v/s design IKW/TR
  • Cumulative display of Total Production v/s KWH or TRH v/s KWH
  • Total Production/KWH or TR/KWH actual v/s design
  • Gap between design & actual IKW/Production or TR/KWH & its implication in terms of higher power consumption & lower capacity generated
  • Possible reasons for lower Production & higher KW or lower TR & higher KW
Plant Viewer

Live mimic of full working plant. Clear Over View Of Distribution

  • Easily Trace / Monitoring of Feeders
  • Network Control & Distribution Management
  • Event & Crisis Notifying
  • Control Loads to Maintain Stability & Reduce Shutdown
  • Monitors- Sub-Stations, Mains, Feeders, Loads, Equipments, Systems, Generators…..
  • Dynamic Process Mimic
  • Indicate running status of motor
  • Indicate Current per phase
  • Indicate Voltage per phase
  • Indicate  KW, KWH
  • Indicate POWER FACTOR
  • Indicate  Frequency and Harmonics
  • Indicate VI Angle and Voltage Angel
Power Consumption Report

Power consumption of each energy meter shift wise, daily generated in Microsoft Excel Sheet format. Reports generated in daily, monthly and yearly format.

Power Consumption Target Vs Actual Report

Power consumption Target Vs Actual of each energy meter daily generated in Microsoft Excel Sheet format. Data is available in tabular format as well as in graphical format. Reports generated in daily, monthly and yearly format.

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