SOFTHARD in "The 10 Most Advanced Industrial Automation Companies".

Electrical systems Design and manufacturing of MCC panels Design

  • Control Panel Designing of DOL starters from 1 HP to 250 HP starters.
  • Control Panel Designing of star delta starters 1 HP to 1000 HP with type II coordination.
  • Control Panel Designing of part winding in starters from 25 HP to 400 HP.
  • Electrical panel designing with air circuit breakers and distribution panels
  • Various types of IP protection panels such as IP 65 , IP 55, IP 54, IP 42, having dust proof , air tight ,& flame  proof control panels .
  • Power Meter Monitoring, PLC Control Panel Manufacturer in Pune India
  • All types of designing of cabling, termination ….etc.

Electrical systems

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