About Us

Management Team

Softhard was established in 1994, by a team of electronics professionals with a view to provide high quality hardware and software solution. Today, it has over 150 engineers and technicians spread over manufacturing, R&D, Sales and Servicing all over the country. Its sales have increased from USD 0.1 million to USD 7 million in last 10 years. The focus is on providing robust embedded solutions across a various industry segments. Driven by strong technology leadership and a committed team, Softhard is forging ahead to meet the challenges of tomorrow with constant focus on customers.


Softhard is a research, design and manufacturing company with domain expertise in hi technology electronics solutions. The core competence of company lies in designing, development and fabrication of micro controller/ digital signal processor based product and solutions to meet industry business needs. From building management systems, data loggers, energy management and process control and automation to instrumentation and control, we have a wide experience profile to cater to your needs. It is one of the few companies in the world to offer complete range of Air conditioning control solution up to 8000T

Softhard’s Vision

“To become one of the five companies in India for embedded and automation solution for manufacturing and commercial industry”

Softhard’s Values

At the core of every strategy of Softhard lie the fundamental values of the company, which are:

  • Highest level of commitment to customers.
  • Develop and provide robust technology solution at very competitive prices.
  • Provide an innovation and commitment enabling environment to all of its employees.
  • Adopt and implement environmentally practices.
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